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Doubling Down on Business Intelligence in Post-purchase Decision Making

As ecommerce skyrockets—now nearly 20% of global retail sales—new technologies have propelled the industry forward. However, a key piece of the puzzle has had its challenges keeping up: delivery and logistics. 

Consumers today expect fast, accurate order fulfillment and demand detailed information about their deliveries. Retailers require effective visibility and business intelligence solutions to know deeply their last mile execution and power long-term customer loyalty. 

The challenges facing logistics

Retailers struggle to access actionable information about their fulfillment programs, yet market trends reveal the importance of solving these weaknesses. 

While last-mile delivery volume grows, the manufacturing and inbound supply chain side is also heavily impacted by the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, constricting inventory. Consumers shifted how they bought goods, warehouses and infrastructure had to close or limit capacity due to safety concerns, and more, causing ongoing strain on supply chains that’s being amplified as we head into peak season. 

In response to these challenges, retailers have diversified their networks, tapping more carriers, distributors, and leveraging their own stores as fulfillment nodes. As new players are integrated, logistics management becomes increasingly more complex and tends to lack visibility across platforms and partners—putting all the more emphasis on actionable fulfillment insights. 

Each year, ecommerce volume grows tremendously, forcing carrier networks to flex to support the demand. And carriers have accomplished their own technological feats—optimizing their delivery infrastructure including routing, trucks, and more—yet realtime delivery and fulfillment trends are veiled from becoming actionable intelligence for retailers. Retailers need to know when volume constraints begin to impact delivery times, and be able to make decisions to optimize their operations and provide a positive customer experience. In fact, a resilient supply chain has become a competitive advantage for businesses post-pandemic. 

A sneak peek at our new approach to business intelligence 

At Narvar, we’re focused on enabling a future where retailers are proactively able to address delivery issues before customers experience them, safeguarding their trust in shopping again—a world where retailers can predict operational inefficiencies and make educated decisions about carrier volumes, delivery times, and more. 

We’re connecting the dots between carrier data, order fulfillment data, and the end consumer experience, giving retailers a first-ever view into as-it-happens retail trends. We’ll soon be launching Narvar Monitor, a new reporting function that allows retailers to detect order fulfillment issues and resolve them quickly, turning a pain point into a valuable customer touchpoint. Retailers will gain real-time visibility into an order’s journey from cart to doorstep—and everything that happens in between. 

Launching November 2021, Narvar Monitor will be: 

  • The single source of truth. Narvar Monitor is a beacon, providing a 360-degree view of network operations, unifying team collaboration, and unlocking operational efficiencies. 
  • Customizable for each retailer’s unique needs. Personalized reporting allows you to generate insights tailored to your business and configured on-demand. 
  • Driven by better data, enabling smarter decisions. Narvar Monitor transforms your global operations with advanced insights and analytics derived from Narvar’s post-purchase platform that fuels exceptional customer experiences for 1100+ global brands. 

Ready to learn more? 

Eligible customers can access Narvar Monitor in their Narvar hub starting in November — no action required! 

If you’re not yet a Narvar customer, please schedule a demo with our team for more information. We look forward to having you join us as we carry out our mission: to simplify the everyday lives of consumers. 

Catherine Dummitt

Catherine is VP of Marketing at Narvar. Prior to joining, she worked for a number of AdTech & MarTech companies, transforming marketing teams into growth catalysts.

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