Jesse Genet, VP of Packaging at Narvar

Packaging Is The New Storefront—Why Narvar is Acquiring Lumi

I'm so thrilled to announce that the packaging technology company I co-founded and have led since 2015 has been acquired by Narvar!

Along with my co-founder Stephan Ango and the Lumi team, we will be spearheading Narvar's ambitious goal to make your packaging supply chain more intelligent.

Over the past six years, Lumi has become the leading software platform for packaging, with more than half of all US packaging factories operating on the Lumi Marketplace, and a rapidly-growing global network in over 30 countries. Our tools help brands produce packaging that is more sustainable, memorable, and cost-effective.

I'm excited to join forces with Narvar because it opens the door to a new set of capabilities that have never been possible before. Bringing together Narvar and Lumi means that we can marry Narvar's unique data and insight into shipments, returns, and consumer behavior, with Lumi's manufacturing and operational intelligence. 

By linking together the customer experience with the supply chain that powers it, we can enable a system that is more dynamic and responsive to the ever-changing retail landscape.

Packaging is the new storefront. Operationally, it is intertwined with your shipping costs and return rates. For your customers, packaging defines your ability to provide a memorable, environmentally-friendly, and convenient experience.

The last 18 months have taught us all the importance of being able to quickly adjust to evolving conditions — but our ability to make changes often lags behind our thought process. What if your tools could not just match the speed of your decision making, but provide proactive and actionable options?

Building a throughline between these data points will become the deciding factor between companies that thrive, and those that fall behind. We're excited to help you continue to stay ahead of the pack.

Jesse Genet


Jesse Genet

Jesse is VP of Packaging at Narvar. Jesse is the entrepreneur and co-founder behind Lumi, and is a recognized leader in supply chain technology.

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